Making Math Fun

Did you know that the kitchen can be a math playground for young children? It can become a fun place to teach, reinforce, and practice their math skills? Math concepts can be very stressful for young kids, especially with Common Core being the centerpiece of a child’s education. Math can be made fun and easy…

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

This chocolate chip cookie cake is out of this world. It has just the right amount of ooey gooey chewiness. I made this for my daughter’s birthday after she told me that she did not want a traditional cake. I am glad that I did because it turned out so delicious! INGREDIENTS: 2 large eggs…

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Cooking With Your Kids

Why cook with your kids? To be honest, your child can benefit in many different way by inviting them into the kitchen to be your little chef. From strengthening their academic achievement to improving their social skills, your child will learn and grow as they make their favorite food while creating an everlasting memory of…

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Healthy French Onion Soup

I discovered the easiest french onion soup recipe last week. My oldest daughter had just had her wisdom teeth removed and was in need of something edible that didn’t require her to chew. After searching online for french onion soup recipes, I was faced with the reality that we didn’t have many of the ingredients…

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