DIY Play Dough

Do your kids like to play with play dough? Here is the recipe to make your own! Not only will the recipes save you tons of money, but it is easy and fast to do! Ingredients ½ c. salt 1 c. flour 2 Tbsp. cream of tartar 1 c. water 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil *food…

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The Importance of Cooking With Your Kids

Sometimes cooking with the little ones takes additional time, and some extra clean up. However, cooking with your kids any time of the year is a great idea for multiple reasons. Cooking together allows for quality family time along with the chance to bond and grow a strong, healthy, casual relationship. It’s a good excuse…

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Making Math Fun

Did you know that the kitchen can be a math playground for young children? It can become a fun place to teach, reinforce, and practice their math skills? Math concepts can be very stressful for young kids, especially with Common Core being the centerpiece of a child’s education. Math can be made fun and easy…

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Cooking With Your Kids

Why cook with your kids? To be honest, your child can benefit in many different way by inviting them into the kitchen to be your little chef. From strengthening their academic achievement to improving their social skills, your child will learn and grow as they make their favorite food while creating an everlasting memory of…

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